Arts programmes for people experiencing mental ill-health have been linked with improved confidence, self-esteem and self understanding.

In cancer patients, the arts have been used to enhance quality of life after medical treatment. In the elderly, arts engagement reduces depressed mood, enhances self-worth and promotes positive ageing. Arts programs for young people have been linked with improved motivation, self-image, hope for the future and self-esteem. Where population-based studies have been conducted, arts engagement has been associated with perceptions of happiness and stress reduction.

We want to offer access to FREE arts workshops the community based in Chichester,West Sussex, UK


"I absolutely loved the retreat. Jo and Gilli created a warm, relaxing, safe and inspiring space for me to feel confident to have a go at painting for the first time. I learned far more thanI thought I would about theory and technique."

Ki-Creativity Retreat 2019

"A deeply enriching experience, and a feast for the senses.I loved the way both Gilli and Jo held space for me and other participants, the level of love, care and thought they had put into making this an enriching experience. Their love for art expression and enthusiasm are infectious."

Ki - Creativity Retreat 2019

"I really wasn’t sure that I would produce anything worth displaying, but left with two finished pieces that my family was very impressed with. Thank you for a truly inspiring and nurturing time together"

Ki - Creativity Retreat 2019

"I thought the Ki-Creativity Retreat was well organised and beautifully held"

Ki- Creativity Retreat 2019

"I loved the ‘spiritual’ elements and the Kirtan music. What worked brilliantly for me was being able to see two very different artists working and receive the benefit of their different advice and suggestions"

Ki - Creativity Retreat 2019

"Each day brought fresh experiences and learning.Gilli and Jo have given me the precious gift of being able to love my intuitive expressions in artform"

Ki - Creativity Retreat 2019


Gilli and Joanne have combined their art expertise, world music, meditation, breath-work and a heart centered teachings. We aim to offer high-quality arts and creative experiences for those that can afford it and those that cannot. When the world opens back up we would love it if YOU would join us in person on our painting retreats in West Sussex. Sign up to our newsletter below to find out launch dates!


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